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    Welcome to 明升体育app下载-明陞m88手机平台-M88明陞, a company chaired by David M. Webb, the founder, publisher and editor of, a leading not-for-profit publication on Hong Kong affairs, including corporate and economic governance.

    At Fundamental Consultants, we offer the following services to a select and exclusive client base:

  • Speaking engagements for David Webb at commercial events ("commercial" means "where the audience is paying to attend" or "where the organiser is a for-profit entity")
  • Consultations for investors and asset managers on corporate governance and shareholder activism
  • Advice on improvements to the governance of your company or organisation
  • Expert opinions for use in dispute resolution, arbitration or court or tribunal hearings
  • The revenue from these services helps to subsidize the cost of maintaining and its database, which is primarily funded by the Chairman. Due to limited available time and high opportunity cost, our philosophy is to accept only those mandates which interest us. If you would like to become a client of Fundamental Consultants, please contact us for a no-obligation confidential discussion of your situation and requirements.


    We get a lot of inquiries about this domain. We like it. It suits our company name, and we paid good money for it. But everything has its value. There are only 676 two-letter dotcom domains in the world, and many, such as BA, BP, BT and FT, are in firm corporate hands and will likely never be available again. Just a handful of such domains change hands each year. Click here for a list of two-letter dotcoms.

    If you think would be worth more to your company than to us, then make us an offer. Don't write requesting an asking price. We're not asking, you are offering. No agents please. A list of known sites which share our initials can be found here.